direct payday lender

Direct Payday Lender

What is a direct payday lender?

A direct payday lender, or short-term loan provider, is a lender that directly provides small-dollar loans, rather than working with an outside company. This means that your information stays in one place, but you won’t get a chance to shop around and compare your options.

These lenders offers small-dollar loans that are typically due between 14 and 30 days, typically for a flat fee of around $15 for ever $100 borrowed.

How does a direct short-term loan work?

Depending on the lender you select, you can apply online or in-store, and the application should only take a few minutes to complete. Most lenders process applications quickly and let you know if you’ve been approved soon after. Once you sign the contract, you typically have to repay the loan along with all applicable fees by your next payday.

Online applicants can get their money transferred electronically into their bank account, and in-store applicants can collect their approved funds in person shortly after approval.

Keep in mind that payday loan regulations are not the same in every state. Some aspects that can vary include the maximum amount you can borrow, the term and whether or not you can extend your loan. While direct lenders may be legal in one state, they could be illegal in your home state.

Our network of lenders is focused on providing customers with short-term loans that can help them navigate through a rough financial problem.

Direct Payday Lender
What to look for in a direct short-term lender?

Not all direct short-term loan lenders are the same. Pay attention to these points while comparing lenders:

How easy is the process? Online direct short-term lenders are an easy way to apply for a payday loan, but not all online applications are equally user-friendly. Some lenders might ask you to fax certain documents to verify your credentials, and the overall time these lenders take to review applications, approve your loan and disburse your funds varies significantly.

Does the lender conduct credit checks? While many short-term lenders don’t carry out credit checks using the big three credit bureaus, a large number still end up turning to Teletrack. If you’re looking for direct short-term lenders who don’t use Teletrack, you’ll have to limit your search to lenders who clearly advertise “no Teletrack payday loans.”

What fees will you pay? The amount you borrow and the state you live in affect how much you pay in terms of fees, but that does not mean all direct short-term lenders charge the same fees for a given amount. Check what fees and charges come with the loan before you apply. is not a direct lender but we can connect you with a variety of direct payday lendet or loan providers who offer excellent terms and conditions. It is important to note that our network of lenders is focused on providing customers with short-term loans that can help them navigate through a rough financial problem.