how payday loan work

How Payday Loan Work?

How Payday Loan Work?

Although payday loans go by many names – cash advance loan, check advance loans, and deferred deposit loans – they all operate under the same basic premise. They provide short-term, high-interest loans – typically under $500. For the borrower, a payday loan is a popular choice for financing because it’s relatively painless and easy to access. In most circumstances, a customer only needs to fill out some basic information and provide a post-dated check or bank debit authorization.

A payday loan term is usually between two to four weeks, with the check or the debit authorization already made out for the price of the loan plus fees. Often there is a steep fee structure, for example, $40 for a $300 loan. If you miss the deadline for repayment, the late fees and increased interest rates quickly spiral out of control.

Considering Alternatives to Payday Loans

If you face a financial crisis, what are your options beyond a predatory cash advance loan? First, it’s important to consider the reason why you require a cash advance in the first place. Is it a recurring bill or loan payment? Or is it a one-time emergency?

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How Payday Loan Work
Alternative Options for a Recurring Payment
  • Renegotiate the terms of debt directly with the lender
  • Request a deferment or forbearance period on a student loan
  • Refinance your debt into one loan for a lower monthly payment
  • Alternative Options for a Recurring Payment
  • Use a credit card to cover the charge
  • Ask a close friend or relative for a short-term loan
  • Ask your employer for an advance on your next paycheck
  • Discuss your options with the creditor directly
  • Apply for a line of credit
  • Are There Good Payday Lenders?

    Finding a reputable payday lender can be remarkably challenging, and it varies depending on local regulations. Thankfully, the federal government has recognized the real need for some sectors of society to have easy access to short-term financial assistance.

    The federal government has backed the Payday Alternative Loans (PAL) program, which is available through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Member credit unions provide small loans (under $1,000), with terms of six months or less. Importantly, they come with only a small, one-time fee up to $20.