5 tips money management "Freelance"

"Freelance" career of the people of this era. Or is it called "dream career" would not be wrong ... The advantage is the word "Free". Invite anyone who wants to take possession.

Fern itself changed status from "Human salaries" to become "self-employed" for almost a year, it is said that the advantages are attractive. And the disadvantages to watch out.

... "more revenue" to "increased uncertainty"

Hiring today The next day, lay off. It is seen in all the work of people who are freelance ... Because it's not just us who are "free" to choose a job. But the employer is "free" to choose whether to hire us or not ... as well.

... "little work hours" redeemed with "huge responsibility"

The revenue is said to be "more", because if you compare Freelance's work time, it looks like "do a little, but a lot". The truth is The working time is less ... Liability and great favor. Must do well and do not miss!

... "more time" to "discipline to be strict"

Ending the end may be the path of an independent career. Do not sit back to work hours. Just like human salaries. But if spending time is useless. Do not develop yourself Not healthy I do not know how to do it. So there must be a "discipline" in itself, because if "no", then no one will pay "expensive", right?

This is only one part of the two coinages Fern has learned as a coin. "Independent practitioners". But what is more important is The "management of money" of people who call themselves Freelance is completely different from the present. "salary man". And here are five tips that people with "independent careers" can adapt to their own money management.

"Freelance" career of the people of this era or is it called "dream career" would not be wrong. The advantage is the word "Free". Invite anyone who wants to take possession.


"Cash" is the most important.

Freelance income is different from the human payroll "no payday (of course)." Sometimes completed work immediately get money, but there are not a lot of work is not paid. Have to wait around the account. Wait for some months Wait a bit ... But life cost And cost of work Travel expenses, housing, food or working equipment. Where to wait? And our freelance careers are not guaranteed. This month, work in - money next month may be shrinking work - money is lost.

So there has to be a "cash" to be at ease ... the easiest is to keep it in a savings account. (And have an ATM card) that can be withdrawn at any time, about 6 times the cost per month, for example, if you have a monthly fee of 10,000 baht, you should have cash on your savings account about 60,000 baht. Emergency will not worry.

Do not forget to do "health insurance"

"Work - money, not work - not money" definition is the most obvious of independent careers, so "strong physical health" is important because if you are late in the morning to lose income, then may accidentally lose. Credit is possible Unlike human salaries with sick days. Even though they stopped working, but the income was the same, and the Freelance did not have medical benefits from the agency as human payroll as well.

So "health insurance" is a necessity for self-employed people. Because if you are sick, the income that you find may not be enough to heal yourself. Private Fern also likes to buy extra insurance. "Reimbursement" means that if you stay in the hospital. It is equal to lack of income. The insurance company will compensate for the number of days spent in hospital. And such extra often have low premiums.

Break the money Then use it to clean.

No matter what profession. What to do is. "Fiscal expenditure" private fern divided money into four (not equal), regardless of how much revenue - how much?

  • Part 1: Make money work (bring on the money)
  • Part 2: Daily expenses (travel expenses, meals, etc.)
  • Part 3: Emergency Money (Liquid Supplement)
  • Part 4: Miscellaneous (travel, knowledge, books, etc.)
  • When dividing the income into the pocket into 4 sections according to their own style, then Part 2 (daily expenses) is managed "to use it". There are (emergency) fill up (experience, knowledge), the rest is ours are less - use less, have more - use more, but if you keep all for the future. It may make us not experience the present happiness ...

    But do not forget that you have to "divide" before the "use (the rest) to clean" is not used until the last is left!

    Make money work not only "make money"

    "The absolute thing in Freelance's life is uncertainty," so apart from sweat, energy, mind, and brain, we've got to work on it, and do not forget to take the "money" we've got to give it up. " Continue working "with the investment will be in principle. "Make money and make money". "Use the money", it also has the effect of us. "Work money" to eat.

    How easy. Just take the money we divide (Part 1) to invest in assets we are good at, maybe real estate, gold, diamonds, etc., or if you do not understand this, then the professional management through "mutual funds. "Because the investment (long term) is better than the deposit. But no matter what you invest in ... do not forget. "Diversification"

    Do everything easily And is automatic

    The most risky investment is "Invest in time" because it used to be all. Never come back to us to fix anything. (Sometimes, stocks that are vulnerable to fall back to positive), which Freelance time is a real money. So what makes the financial transaction process easier? Both online banking Automated investment (Monthly deductions), etc., then took the time to queuing names in commercial banks. To increase knowledge, experience

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